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Maaya Sakamoto Claims (maaya-Claims)

a maaya sakamoto song claim for j00

Maaya Sakamoto Claims
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Hi, this is a new community for lovers of Maaya Sakamoto and her music. Is there a Maaya song you adore to death and you wish was YOURS. Well go for it, CLAIM IT! Just head over to our user info and join the community (or um click join)! We only have a few rules here:


  1. Youu need a livejournal account and, you need to know the name of your song you want to claim. It must be a song sung by Maaya Sakamoto (remixes are allowed also as long as you know who the artist was).

  2. You need to join the community.

  3. You need to check the claim-list to see if someone has claimed your song already. (if someone has already claimed your song, don't be discouraged. Maaya has many beautiful songs, I promise you will find one.)

  4. You need to then post on the community something like this:
                      "hi, i am new.

                           i would like to claim the song, Gravity by Maaya Sakamoto.



  5. You then need to put your claim in your user info under the About You section on livejournal. If I check and you don't have it up I will remind you with a comment and if after two days after that you don't have it up I am going to take you off the claim-list and someone else could claim it. (not to be mean, but for it to be fair) You can use a code like this:                                   


        Claimed <b>Gravity </b> by <b>Maaya Sakamoto</b> @ maaya_claims  


          then go ahead and tell your friends who adore Maaya about this site!       





Thankyou, please follow the rules! ^.^