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hmm... what a nice place...

Hi there guys,

I've been listening more than 115 different songs of Maaya Sakamoto, and even tried to remember each and every meaning of every song. But for me, my song was 'Platina' the 1st ever song which never tire' my mood, which gave hope and dreams back to me. The song which gives back hope when you're lost, and the feeling of never giving up hope.

I'm not rather to claim, cause this song I love the most was made by Maaya Sakamoto, Iwasato Yuho and Yoko Kanno (including the staff whom were involved) They are the ones I should thank most, cause now my wings spread wide which sets me free in the sky again. Guess I'm not claiming this 'Platina' song but rather think this song was ment for me to listen to, yet I feel all of it's beautiful yet endless meanings within me. A song about myself.

weird huh :)

Shounen Imu,
me? Otaku, hmm.. haha :P - I'jus simply love doing research here and there. Seriously, I dont listen music jus for fun ^^.
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